Electronic Information Consent


Last updated January 2016.

NOTE: I consent to initiate the process of receiving documents and notices applicable to the Eligible Policy/Policies accessed through the Company website. These include, but are not limited to, prospectuses, prospectus supplements, annual and semiannual reports, quarterly statements and immediate confirmations, privacy notice and other notices and documentation in electronic format when available instead of receiving paper copies of these documents by U.S. mail. I consent to receive in electronic format any documents added in the future.


  • There is no charge for electronic delivery, although your internet provider may charge for Internet access.
  • You are confirming that you have access to a computer with internet capabilities and an active email account to receive information electronically.
  • This Electronic Document Delivery applies only to Eligible Policies accessed through the following websites: www.financialtradecenter.com, www.incomeannuity.com, www.roboadvisor.com, www.annuityapps.com, all location based domains marketed under the ANNUITYAPPS partner subscription program.
  • After subscribing to Electronic Document Delivery, we will send an email to confirm the provided email address is correct. If we are not able to confirm an email address or have reasonable suspicion that an email address is incorrect, we will not be able to activate the subscription for electronic delivery, in which case paper copy documents will be sent.
  • Email filters must be updated which may prevent you from receiving email notifications from us.
  • Not all contract documentation and notifications may currently be available in electronic format.
  • Paper copies of the information may be requested at any time for no charge.
  • For jointly owned policies both owners are consenting to have information sent to the specified email address.
  • If the email address changes after the subscription process, notification must be sent to us.
  • This consent will remain in effect until revoked.

Please call (800) 922-5601 or visit the Company website if you would like to revoke your consent, wish to receive a paper copy of the information above, or need to update your email address.

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