About Annuities

It's no secret people are living longer these days, and you may spend almost as much time in retirement as you’ll spend working. How will you maintain your standard of living over 20 or even 30 years?

IAIt is an important question; several factors will influence your ability to do so. First, The VANISHING PENSION…many companies have replaced pensions with employee-directed retirement plans that provide no guarantee you’ll have enough money when you retire.

INFLATION NEVER SLEEPS…the constant nibbling of inflation can take a big bite out of your assets. An annual rate of 3.3% can cut your purchasing power in half in 21 years. These factors combine to create a gap between a comfortable retirement and the ability to simply maintain a standard of living. How can you bridge this gap?

The SOCIAL SECURITY QUESTION MARK…as the postwar baby boom generation begins to draw benefits, many experts believe these benefits will be reduced or altered.

The QUALITY OF YOUR FUTURE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY…the first step is to understand that you will be responsible for the quality of your retirement, and that saving and investing will play a larger role.

Next, look at a variety of strategies that can help your money grow and help your assets last throughout retirement. These strategies include reducing taxes, fighting inflation, investing wisely, and managing your income.

One way to address all of these concerns is with an annuity. In fact, retirement is the number 1 reason why people purchase an annuity.

Annuities are not for everyone.

Annuities can be a valuable addition to retirement planning for people at nearly every stage of life. Although, an annuity may not be appropriate if you’ll need your money to meet short-term goals such as saving for a college education, buying a home, or starting your own business—especially if you’ll need your money before you reach the age of 591/2.

We can help you determine if an Annuity is right for you!

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Should you consider an Annuity?

If one of these life situations sounds familiar, you may want to consider an Annuity.

Getting a head start

An annuity can help families get a head start on retirement planning, and shift some of their tax burden to retirement years. But consider your immediate/short-term needs first.

Need to catch up

The demands of saving for college or a home may have limited what you could invest. Unlimited contributions and tax deferral can accelerate your investment plan and may help you catch up with your retirement goals.

Close to retirement

Your money has to last for the rest of your life, so consider your needs carefully. Think about how much income you’ll need when you stop working, and make a plan. An annuity can help you manage income and taxes while your money keeps growing.

Already retired

If you’re living on income from securities, you may be paying taxes on all the dividends and interest you receive each year, whether you need the money or not. An annuity can help control when you pay your taxes and help lower the taxes on your Social Security benefits.


Without the advantage of an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan, personal investment for retirement is especially important for this group.

Small-business owner

When your business can no longer pay you, you’ll need something that can. An Annuity can alleviate concern about outliving your money by paying you a guaranteed income for life (based on your contract’s value).

The Time is Always Right…

From our earliest days of working to the very last days of our life, one common purpose we share is the quest to survive and the desire to thrive.

The very core of our success has been our ability to create a sustainable, long lasting and uninterruptable source of income. It just makes sense that as we prepare for retirement, we use the very best asset type to guarantee income so we can maintain all that we hold dear. An annuity is the right tool for the job…buy yours today.

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