Introducing Financial Trade Center™

For more than sixty years we've been a small company with big ideas.

F FTC is a diversified financial services organization built upon a well-established infrastructure of core businesses dating back to 1954. Across the decades we've merged, acquired, re-branded, drank a lot of cups of coffee and missed quite a few hours of sleep.

We've managed thousands of lives, from the needy to the novice, the middle class to the most financially exposed - helping to solve their toughest financial challenges. We have harnessed every bit of what we have learned and created our most exciting and powerful customer experience yet.

Our high quality investment portfolios', diverse business platform and prudent risk management practices are just a few of the reasons why our clients choose FTC for all of their important financial needs.

Looking forward, our future is bright. We will continue to re-engineer product and service distribution through a unique combination of technology based applications, guided learning tools and streamlined human interaction. Further expand our FTC Partner Network™ while seeking to help more people manage their personal finances than ever before. The goal is perpetual evolution…help our members spend less, save more and invest smart.

There are many reasons why people want to work with FTC

We've Built Our Reputation…

By always giving more

Sovereign Legacy Securities, Inc.

The longest link in the FTC chain is our Independent Broker/Dealer with roots dating back to 1954.

Vendor Integrations

We don't have a lock on good ideas so we believe in leveraging the expertise of other quality companies as long as it benefits our partners and customers.

Sovereign Wealth Management Group, Inc.

The national insurance agency responsible for the distribution of all annuity and insurance related products.

FTC Technologies

The technology incubator where experience and knowledge are transformed digitally for the benefit of our partners and customers.

Sovereign Legacy, Inc.

Our SEC Registered Investment Advisor responsible for the fiduciary processes that ensure fair and balanced money management.

FTC Consumer

Where product and professional join together. This component allows us to expand the level of product and service offerings as we seek to re-define the position of Financial Advisor.


Our digital investment platform meant to capture the DNA from years of personal financial advice and normalize the size of life.

FTC Travel

We're going places and we know you are too. So, since we had the time, we thought we would help you get there first class with our global travel site.

We Use Top Quality Companies For Our Customer Accounts

A few you might recognize :)

The creative people behind Financial Trade Center™

Our Dream Team With Over 120 yrs. Experience ;-)

Jeffrey J. Hovermale

CEO, The Big Boss

The architect & visionary of the Financial Trade Center™ project.

Gary E. Schantz, ChFC, CLU


Also a Captain & Deacon, with a lifetime of leadership and service.

Frank E. Pagan


"Mr. Team" is always ready to share his knowledge and skills.

Jacqueline M. Westbrook

President, CCO B/D

A "founding family" member with the tenure and wisdom of Yoda.

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